BY Gautam Sharma / Mar,26 2018

Real Estate Mobile App Development: Create Your Own Real Estate App

Real estate industry is booming at a fast pace, as urbanization is the integral reason behind it.

According to the reports from Forbes, real estate industry is going to surpass the revenue mark of 900 Bn USD, by the end of the fiscal year 2018.

Organizations involved in the real estate business are now primarily focussed on delivering enhanced customer experience, as majority of the buy/ sell transactions are nowadays conducted online.

Considering this scenario, realtors have now started to invest majorly in mobile application development.

Real estate apps have become the important medium for customers to easily search the property. Businesses which own app are experiencing the surplus amount of ROI and increased customer interaction.

Search Native is an experienced mobile app development company with proven track record of building Android and iOS apps in every domain. We build apps which not only entice the users but also truly address the core business requirements of industry.

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Thorough technical and market research becomes the indispensable part before the initiation of app development process.

Features Of Real Estate Mobile App:

1. Direct marketing channel:

The real estate mobile app will provide your customers a direct way to reach to you. An app can be integrated with email, call, chatting, messaging, etc. So, these features will allow your customers to contact you directly with ease.

2. Customers can contact you 24*7

The whole world is connected but what about your real estate business?

So, with a real estate mobile app, you can connect with your customers 24*7. You can integrate the chatbots as well, which can answer your customer’s queries. This is real-time and it leaves a good impression behind.

3. Give great exposure

There are 2 million plus people using smartphone. So, you have the great audience who can install and engage with your app. You already have the market, you just have to fulfil the requirement.

Your app will get great exposure, look at Uber and UberEats. The industry is Taxi and Food. But they get a good exposure, as they are solving people’s problem and providing easy solutions.

So, real estate app will do the same. You just have to create your own app and solve people’s problem with it.

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4. Showcase property listing

You can show entire property listing with high-quality images, text, audio, video, 360-degree view, etc. Find out some creative ways to show property listing so, one can take interest in buying it…

…And an app will help you to integrate this feature.

5. Geo-location

Integrating geo-location in your real estate app will add a great value to it. This will let people explore nearby areas.

Nobody buys the property, just like that!

They also explore nearby areas. So, your app must have this feature as well.

6. Capture more leads

The mobile app provides great flexibility to people. You will all agree with me on this. Moreover, it is cost effective. You can make great use of digital marketing to promote your real estate mobile app.

More no. of app installs gives you more no. of leads.

So, if your app has above mentioned all the features. You won’t get short of real estate leads any day!

Advantages Of Real Estate Mobile App:

Here is the list of advantages of owning a real estate mobile app in the terms of customer perspective:

  • Executing ‘buying and selling’ process at the tip of a finger.

  • Customers can know the actual mortgage amount through calculator imbibed in the app.

  • Increase interaction through the inclusion of property images and videos.


There is the huge demand for the real estate mobile app and if you’re in real estate business. You can definitely create an app to beat your competitors.

Make use of technology in your business, to succeed in the 21st century.

If you’re seeking for real estate app development service, then SearchNative is the best organization to approach for.

Our Android and iOS mobile developers hold years of experience in developing customer-centric mobile applications.

Apart from development, our app marketing strategy helps businesses to rank their app in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Just drop your basic requirements and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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