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Conquering the strategic and logical aspects of corporate functionalities and IT business processes; SearchNative is a team of perfectly aligned and self-motivated geniuses who have learnt how to get work done with expected quality and within time and budget constraints. This gives us an upper hand against several market players and enables us in delivering beyond clients’ expectations. Reigning from various technical, technological, strategic and managerial profiles to the best of their competencies, Team SearchNative harbors some of the finest talents and nurtures them with all the enthusiasm and passion.

Together, we believe in a perfectly transparent and non-hierarchal model of work, which encourages anyone and everyone to speak their minds and ideas out for bringing out the best of everything we do.

Prioritizing performance, motivating excellence, boosting creativity and delivering uncompromised commitment – we, at SearchNative are happily overwhelmed by any challenge that comes and is undoubtedly confident about fruitful results, beyond your expectations.

Leadership Profile


Abhishek Paliwal


A Software Engineer and Astute Leader with thorough understanding of Global IT Industry and trends. Abhishek leads the team from the front and gives a unique logic & strategy to all the projects. Abhishek reaches out to newer avenues in the business to establish SearchNative’s presence across the globe with his ardent sense of Global IT Industry. Abhishek creates a distinct charm with his honest, straightforward and enthusiastic interaction with the clients as well as the employees.
Abhishek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from SK Institute of Technology – Jaipur.

Gautam Sharma

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

A Computer Engineer and Ace Administrator with more than a decade of experience in advanced software development methodologies and offshoring services. Gautam is Oracle Certified PL SQL Developer and an expert of Agile Scrum and XP technology. Gautam passionately takes the team along and executes Presales/ sales of Enterprise Applications with perfection. Gautam is entrusted with the responsibilities of managing internal IT and administration. With his unique acumen for business management, Gautam streamlines operational processes across the organization.

Gautam holds a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing from Institute of Management Technology – Ghaziabad.

Vinti Paliwal

Executive Director

A tech-savvy media strategist and excellent team leader with ability to comprehend the complexity of a project and solutions. Vinti is the center piece of the organization with complete control over the resources allocation. Vinti guides the resources to the highest level of productivity, with conviction. Her confidence and charisma inspires the team to perform beyond what is expected. Vinti’s foresight and logic propels SearchNative to a new height with every project.
Vinti holds a Master’s degree in Science from BN Institute of Higher Education – Udaipur.

Nitin Gupta

Manager [Human Resources]

An innovative wizard of Human Resources, Nitin has the keen eye for promising IT professionals who can understand the culture and functioning of SearchNative. Nitin enjoys a respectable reputation with the employees because of his compassion and outright professionalism. Nitin is entrusted with the responsibility to coordinate with all the departments and employees, to enable smooth functioning of the company. Nitin brings the most talented and creative professionals aboard on SearchNative adventures.

Nitin holds a Masters in Business Administration in HR Operations from Anna University.
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