BY Gautam Sharma / Mar,9 2017

Welcome to Mobile First World

For checking the time, to shopping online, everything is mobile. People check their phones so often that the number counts average of 150 times a day. On an average, people spend 177 min on their phone every day and they are spending time by either browsing websites or apps. Smartphone is their best friend, it knows everything and it can get anything for them. Around 68% smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.

What people were speculating in 2012, has really happened, smart devices have indeed replaced computers. A third of world’s population now searches and accesses most of the content on their mobile devices, rather than other mediums. Trade or governance, everything depends on constant communication. And smart phone is the primary way of communication globally.

  • We can say that the market of smartphones has matured and apart from India, Middle East & Africa, all the regions have got close to full market penetration. India is expected to leave behind the US to become second biggest smartphone market while China remains the market leader.

  • In India, the government has been giving a lot of importance to digitization of financial transactions as well as governance. There is a drive to encourage people to use mobile applications more and more.

  • There are 3,000,000,000 [3 billion] active mobile devices in the world. Out of this, 2.3 billion are active smartphones.

  • It has been 10 years since the launch of first iPhone, and Apple is the No.1 brand with 35% market share today. Samsung is the only big competitor to Apple in the market with a little over 23% market share.

  • People spent $45 billion through mobile apps in 2016. Not just the most popular social networking apps, entertainment apps and music apps, every region has a significant no. of local business apps ranking among the top, doing amazing business.

  • Before finalizing the marketing strategy for any product or service, any business must understand the local mobile consumer and their behavior. For example, majority Snapchat users are under the age of 20 while the same for Amazon are over 36 years old.

  • Businesses around the world are accepting the ‘Mobile First Approach’ and redesigning their existing websites for the latest and more responsive designs. Depending upon the utility for the business, one can decide whether to go for a mobile application or web application.

  • Mobile payments are simplified, there are easy and secure mobile payment wallets and banking facilities available to the people. Mobile payments dominate the financial transactions as 48% of smartphone users between the age of 26 to 35 years, prefer mobile payment methods.

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