BY Gautam Sharma / Mar,22 2017

Enterprise Mobility and 10 reasons to go for IT!

The mobile devices have penetrated in our lives to such an extent that today; we can’t imagine life without it.

But apart from our personal lives, mobile devices have also become the chief source for business leads and promotion. Though informal, this reliance on the mobile devices is effective, that’s for sure…

…You can promote your products and services through social media, you can negotiate with the prospects and strategize with the management on chat and you can order and collect payments through the mobile device. The mobility is convenience. You can operate the business from anywhere.

But such informal activities on public platforms create major security concerns. You might end up revealing crucial info to the people you don’t want to. Or over-reliance on external platforms might end up in a big mess due to a very small glitch. But the technical issues and security threats can be eliminated with in-depth research, on the long run.

Enterprise Mobility effectively integrates mobile devices, mobile applications, cloud computing, wireless networks and a central server, thereby providing all the required functionalities of any business at one place. This is the reason why Enterprise Mobility is seen as the next dimension of doing business.

Enterprise Mobility streamlines the processes, gives a better customer experience and improves the team’s productivity.

Some of the main advantages of Enterprise Mobility are…

1. Improved Team Productivity

The employees can access important documents and data while being away from the office, that too with a higher level of security and flexibility.

2. Better Communication

The mobile devices integrate all the communication channels in one place, so real-time updates and instructions can be communicated with ease.

3. Streamlined Operations

With mobile devices, all the departments, customers and vendors can stay connected and execute the project in sync, reducing wastage of time.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

You can render better experience to the customers, be it technical glitches or additional services, you can resolve the demand promptly with improved decision making.

5. Reduced Operational Cost

The cost of frequent travelling, electricity, documentation and most importantly the cost of time can be reduced to a great extent using Enterprise Mobility.

6. Competitive Advantage

Enterprise Mobility gives your business the edge over your competitors by reducing the response time and improving customer retention.

7. Better Scope of Expansion

With data of all the operations and management, you can scrutinize the data and refine the strategy and plan for further expansion accordingly.

8. Get the Cloud Advantage

One can store and access data from anywhere. Through backend operation using cloud, the management of users and user access becomes easy.

9. Incorporate IoT technology

Not only mobile devices, businesses can connect cars, appliances, security devices and many other devices for effective management.

10. Customized Interface

Enterprise Mobility Interface is customized as per the business and required functionality, using various technology and plugins that make it unique.

The Global enterprise mobility market is set to grow at the CAGR of 24.7%, to reach $510.39 billion by 2022. This showcases the growing curiosity about Enterprise Mobility. Industries like Banking, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Telecom and Transport have already embraced the concept.

IT and Telecom sector are the major users of Enterprise Mobility and Banking Financial Services & Insurance are expected to incorporate the concept in the nearest future. Enterprise Mobility can connect and integrate B2B, B2C, B2E and M2M communication for all type of businesses.

Another trend revolving around Enterprise Mobility is the BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. This trend refers to the freedom for the employee to use their own mobile device for professional work.

BYOD is gaining rapid acceptance from a number of firms across the globe as it also reduces the cost of hardware. Especially the giant enterprises which are spread across the globe. They need to utilize resources, database, and communication channels from multiple locations simultaneously and Enterprise Mobility is a boon for them…

…For example, leading global courier services like DHL, Blue Dart and Fed Ex uses Enterprise Mobility to the fullest.

SearchNative is one of the very few IT consultants in the world who can offer such a complex IT solution. Enterprise Mobility is complex to understand and implement and with SearchNative’s expertise, your business enterprise can reach newer avenues and markets.

This is the time for writing a new chapter in your success story, go for Enterprise Mobility Technology.

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