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Six Benefits of Wire-framing that You Need to Know


A wireframe is a blueprint to an idea, like skeleton, is to a human body. It creates a 2D model physical structure upon which any website can be built. Wire-framing is essential for communication between the web designer, the web developer and the client. It is always advisable to freeze the wireframe first, in order to minimize waste of time, efforts and money.

Six Benefits of Wire-framing a Website

While developing User Interface and enhancing User Experience, not opting for a wireframe would turn disastrous, as doing several revisions would end up in a complexity and limitations.

Here are some benefits of wire-framing a website that are considered by most of the IT professionals.

1. Content audit

A wireframe is the skeleton necessary for defining architecture & continuity in the website’s visual design. Wireframe gives a clarity on the requirement of content, whether text or graphics, for the website. The client can identify the importance of various sections & functions, and the developer can arrange the design according to client’s priority. The magnitude of text content required for each section and sub-section becomes clear with wireframe. Also, the website’s content and design can be compared and improvised for variety of devices through wireframe.

2. Project execution

Wireframe makes it easier to revise the positioning of web forms and interactive elements, implementing major changes can be avoided before it’s too late. If the site has many sections and responsive features, gathering feedback at wire-framing stage saves time and minimizes revisions. The updating website becomes easy if the wire-framing is understood well.

3. Client goodwill

Understanding product management & project goals of the client and preparing wireframe accordingly, makes interactions with the client more organized. Compared to no wireframe, lesser assumptions reduce costs, compromises and man hours. Eventually, the clients get a clearer grasp on the process and implementation involved their website.

4. Ease of access

Clearly determining functionality & designing requirements, allows programmers and web developers to improve navigation. Wireframe allows walk through the design and determines all the requirements and preferences, and the resultant ease of access makes a huge difference when the site goes live. It also improves testing and QA.

5. Aesthetics and analytics

To obtain an aesthetic appeal for the website, all the text and graphic content of the website should be properly balanced. Wire-framing allows a designer to formulate the design in an effective manner and developing Key Performance Indicators. Wire-framing also facilitates in website analytics and subsequent changes or corrections for optimization of the website.

6. Conversion rate

Wireframe gives the perfection to the user interface and the user experience [UI/UX]. Well, focused user flow exerts immense impact on the conversion rate. The navigation path that a visitor follows, should be easy to understand and user-friendly. Wireframe is the visual guide that locates the essential features on the web pages, which are required to complete a specific action like purchasing a product, subscribing newsletter, requesting quote etc.

Wire-framing becomes the basic reference for any discussion on the web design, functions and development are concerned and it is as important as the website itself.

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