BY Gautam Sharma / Feb,1 2017

SearchNative: Fun and Work go here hand in hand

It is important for every team to have the optimum synchronization. Every member of the team is as important as the other team mate in a perfect team. And this feeling of belonging somewhere creates magic whenever team efforts are required. We make sure that the team feels refreshed and energized with games and activities all the time. We make a perfect unit, together we execute which otherwise may seem impossible.

Well it is the proven science of management, everyone knows about such activities and their effect on performance. Employee Engagement Activities are essential for improved productivity and morale of employees. Apart from that, such activities are useful for building an effective team and generate trust among the participants. For conflict resolution and introduction with different departments, Engagement Activities can be the most effective solution.

At SearchNative people do not just do job, they live at SearchNative. We think too hard and out of the box, when we are on the job, we only think of performing our best. At SearchNative, our style is to work with innate motivation. It is the experience which inspires us to experience more and learn more. Some awesome experiences we had would probably stay with us forever.

Here are some glimpses…

Movie Screening:

This is one of the most fun activities where we ride together on the emotions. We feel happy, we feel hopeful, we feel adventurous, we feel nervous, we comment and laugh together. The thrill of movies is enchanting.

Movie of the Month Contest:

Not just watching the movie, we actually select which movie to watch together. Everyone posts their nomination for movies every month and vote to select one. The flood of suggestions riots around the floor on movie day.

One big family:

Just as we lookout for each other and support them in their duties, we also stay together for all the celebrations and fun. From bonding over lunch to pot luck party; from Birthday celebration to festivities; we have that affinity and attachment that transcends the barriers of the casts and religions.

Open House:

Not just fun talks, we are a system and every system needs fine tuning every now and then. We rely on each other for numerous tasks and we weed out the glitches by discussing them at open forum, with all the honesty. As a family we put forth the issues and elaborate on them to spot the weak point in system and rectify. We evolve one step further with every open house.

Wall of the Fame:

This is the wall where we post appreciations for anyone from the team with their pictures. It is so fulfilling experience to thank someone for crucial contribution and seeing our self being appreciated is just overwhelming.

Dinner over Picnic:

This sweet rivalry pushes us to communicate and coordinate in the unusual responsibilities. Our chemistry gets to a whole new level when we involve with each other through picnic games. We complain, we scream and we laugh over silly mistakes by others.

Back at work, we can actually feel the evolution in our way of functioning. We get a new perspective for every situation and we feel confident to outperform others. Such activities boost the optimism and employees feel they are important to the organization. Employees can make a huge impact on HR & Management performance by recommending the organization to family and friends. It is the sincere admiration from employees, which builds SearchNative’s image as the most progressive IT company and the most comfortable work place.

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