BY Gautam Sharma / Jun,27 2017

Progressive Web Apps – PWA could be the next big thing!

Progressive Web Apps – The future is here!

What the digital world has been predicting since long, ‘rather than downloading the app and installing it, we would be able to just access the app through the web browser’, is now a reality. Progressive Web Apps are the future of the mobile applications.

Progressive Web Apps are created using the latest web technology and they give the user a native app like performance. The web apps couldn’t give a seamless user experience earlier because of the limitations of web standards-based technologies for development.

And the native apps turned out to be too complex to develop, maintain and update as people used different mobile devices and different versions of the app. But the scenario is now set to change with the advancement in the new web technology, new Web APIs, new design concepts, and new UI trends; the era of progressive web apps is here!

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