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Progressive Web Apps – PWA could be the next big thing!

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps – The future is here!

Progressive Web Apps

What the digital world has been predicting since long, ‘rather than downloading the app and installing it, we would be able to just access the app through the web browser’, is now a reality. Progressive Web Apps are the future of the mobile applications. Progressive Web Apps are created using the latest web technology and they give the user a native app like performance.

The web apps couldn’t give a seamless user experience earlier because of the limitations of web standards-based technologies for development. And the native apps turned out to be too complex to develop, maintain and update as people used different mobile devices and different versions of the app.

But the scenario is now set to change with the advancement in the new web technology, new Web APIs, new design concepts, and new UI trends; the era of progressive web apps is here!

Advantages of PWA

PWA Advantages

  • Progressive web apps are highly responsive, as the progressive enhancement is at the core of its development strategy. PWA can be easily accessed by any device be it smartphone, tablets, laptops or desktop.
  • PWA can be installed on their home screen by the users without visiting app stores and users can also use PWA offline or with low-quality networks.
  • PWA works offline or online

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  • Re-engagement with user have become easy through push notifications in the PWA.
  • Push Notifications in PWA

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  • A huge web technology based ecosystem and community support are a great help for developers in the development process.
  • Progressive web apps run on a full screen with the look and feel just like a native app but it is easier to deploy, maintain and update compared to the native apps.
  • Native apps take up a lot of time, data and efforts before the user can actually use the app while with PWA, the user can immediately start using the app.
  • Progressive Web Apps Work Fast

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  • The web browsers are updated at regular intervals with new functionalities to enhance the user experience. The PWA powered by service worker update process utilizes them and gives fresh user experience every time.
  • Progressive web apps can be identified as an application on the search engines and can be bookmarked and easily shared through a URL.
  • Powered by the Lighthouse open source tool, developers can improve the quality of PWA easily as Lighthouse would automatically audit the app for performance and accessibility, thereby reducing the need for manual testing.
  • PWA also offers swift access to the hardware of the device like a camera, GPS, microphone, device orientation, accelerometer, clipboard, and touch gestures, storage space etc.

Disadvantages of PWA

Progressive Web Apps are revolutionary but they still lack certain features. Those might find a solution in future as the web technology progresses further. Here are the few Progressive web apps features which are not currently supported by the PWA.

  • Use of telephony services like calls, voicemails, SMS/ MMS, etc.
  • Access to the alarms, phonebook, calendar and bookmarks.
  • Modifying system settings, logs and task management.
  • Advanced hardware features like a flashlight, etc.

How PWA better than native apps?

Progressive web app eliminates the need for developing three separate apps for desktop/ mobile web access, Android access, and iOS access; thus reducing the cost of designing and development and maintenance. Especially if your potential user base prefers laptop/ desktop, PWA is the best solution. Big players like Alibaba, Flipkart and even Twitter have adopted them; even Ola has launched PWA recently, which is the proof of its growing popularity.

As loading time of the PWA is quick, the instances of users getting away distracted are less likely to happen. The result is improved conversion rate. And it also reduces the quantum of data used for the app to a considerable extent; the users of your app would have one more reason to be happy.

Now you can give your customers the magical PWA experience, before your competitors do, with SearchNative’s mobile app development services.

SearchNative is one of the leading mobile app development solution providers in India, with a dedicated team of experts developing Progressive Web Apps for a huge variety of industries.

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