BY Gautam Sharma / Mar,13 2018

On demand Service App: How Much Does It Cost

On demand service apps are disrupting one industry after another. When Uber came into the market, they did something unusual.

They were not just another taxi app but an ‘on demand taxi app’. Which was never seen before and now we can see the huge demand for ‘on demand service app’ in every industry from grocery to healthcare.

This is the reason why every industry is now looking for their own on-demand service apps and call it a fear of missing out, but the demand for these apps & developers is at an all-time high.

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What Is An On Demand Service App?

An on demand service app is just a simple app which acts as a mediator between customers and different service providers.

So, let’s say somebody wants to order the food.

Now, apps like UberEats and Zomato act as a mediator and help these food finder people. Here, people will be able to see the hotels and restaurants with their reviews and ratings.

Here, they will get clear idea of the pricing and quality of the food. So, it will become easy for them to order the food.

Customers don’t have to visit your restaurant just to know the menu. They can check it online on their phone and order the food.

How Does An On Demand App Work? 

Technology is getting advanced and so are the people.

Now people want everything to be done from their smartphone. People wish to book a taxi, order food, order cleaning, gardening, pet-care, electrical repairing, etc. via on demand service app from their mobile…

…And that’s why these apps are in all-time high demand.

Moreover, these apps are also able to do below-mentioned things…

  • The app should let user search for the services, which they want to order on demand

  • The app should recommend the best service provider by seeing their geo-location

  • The customer could request for the services and service providers will get the alerts/ notification for that

  • Once service provider confirms the service, customers should get confirmation about it

So, are you looking for an on-demand service app for your brand? Let, SearchNative help you out!

What are the features of an On Demand Service App?

  • Booking module

  • Scheduling delivery

  • Order the service

  • Keeping order history

  • Payment features

  • Track geolocation

  • Real-time calls and messages

  • Tracking deliveries

SearchNative can develop the following On Demand app for your brand:

Developing this kind of app will cost you in between $5,000-$10,000, which depends on the features you want in the app.

If you own such business where on demand app is a must, I recommend you to develop your on demand service app.

Mobile app development has a great future ahead. You can see the increasing number of smartphone users. Consider all of them your customers, if you are going online and creating your first mobile app.


So, this was all about on demand service app and how much does it cost to create such app.

There are lots of advantages of creating this kind of app irrespective of industry. Look at Uber, Postmates, UberEats, Zomato, etc. what did they do? They took actions and they succeeded.

Now it’s your time!

Create your own on-demand service app!

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