BY Gautam Sharma / Dec,29 2017

Why is Net Neutrality Important for Small Businesses?

Net Neutrality Explained

Net neutrality is the virtue by which all the network data gets equal importance. It does not discriminate between the traffic that is being loaded or run on the internet freely.

Every kind of content like videos, websites, blogs, pages or platforms are given the same preference and can be accessed without any restrictions or charges.

Moreover, it enforces Internet Service Providers to maintain the speed limits for all kinds of websites (whether they prefer or not) and also restricts them from taking advantage of their rights.

Net neutrality promotes openness and transparency in internet accessibility and ISP cannot implement extra charges for certain websites, under this agreement.

How does net neutrality affect business?

Net neutrality gives small businesses an open platform to showcase their talent and encourages creativity and innovations to flourish on the internet.

Entrepreneurs with low budgets for their small business can easily enter the online market and spread a word about their products and services without having to pay for it. They just require enough budgets for hosting their site. And that’s it! Once it’s done, it’s their ideas and creativity that brings them into the limelight.

An open internet, where everybody can access everything, helps thriving online businesses and sets a plethora of options for users to dig into, information, deals, campaigns or online shopping.

Big names like Amazon and eBay already have an advantage of SEO. They are so popular that whenever you search for something you want to buy, you will always find their names in the SERP.

However, small start-ups rely hugely on free access to the internet in order to portray their talent. Net neutrality is the only way they can make people aware of their business in the small budget unlike the giants in the field that have deep pockets to spend on SEO.

Scenario without net neutrality

Think of a situation where ISPs charge for increasing the loading speed of a particular website as without high speed one may lose its customers quickly. This may become unaffordable for small endeavours and it may end up shutting the business online. Moreover, why would a user pay for watching a video that takes hell lot of a time to upload?

Without net neutrality, ISPs would get the rights to decide the type and amount of content they like to promote. The competition will vanish with only big companies playing the game.

All the small online businesses like SearchNative, an IT company which is slowly and gradually building its name in the technology world, would suffer negative impacts of the closed internet and extinguished net neutrality. The only way we can stop FCC to implement the changes is to file a petition in support of net neutrality.

So, let’s raise our voice and share our opinions in support of this so that none of the online businesses gets affected. Because…Creativity must always get an opportunity to flourish!

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