BY Gautam Sharma / Mar,6 2018

Mobile App Uninstall Rate: 5 Effortless Tips to Reduce It

Hundreds of apps are published on Google play store and iOS app store daily. So, there are so many apps in the app store that now find it difficult to acquire new users.

Not only that:

It is also hard to retain the existing app users.

Moreover, research shows that 80% of the app users uninstall the mobile app after its first use.

But how to reduce mobile app uninstall rate so more users can use your app? In this post, we will review the top 5 effortless tips to do that!

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5 Effortless Tips to Reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rate:

1. Ratings and Reviews:

When you upload your app on app store, people will rate your app from 1-5 stars. They will also leave some positive or negative reviews.

Negative reviews and fewer stars will drop your app ranking in an app store. So, you need to keep the eye on negative reviews.

That will tell you the real feedback of your app and then you can go ahead and fix that bug in the next update.

If you continuously keep on ignoring the negative feedback of people, they will ultimately uninstall your app.

2. UI/UX:

The first impression is the last impression!

You know that:

In apps also, if your app design is boring and it fails to impress the users in the first look, you will lose.

So, I recommend you to put a quality amount of time and money while designing UI & UX of your app.

3. Consistently Deliver Updates:

As we discussed above, hundreds of new apps are published on app store daily. So, if you do not provide up to date features/ updates in your app. People will switch to another app and they will uninstall your app.

But this doesn’t mean you continuously start giving new updates every now and then. This will create an even more wrong impression and make people frustrated with your app as well.

So, fix good no. bugs, implement new features, and then give the update.

4. Annoying Notifications:

Push notification is the best way to convey important information such as offers, best deals for a specific time, etc.

I get it!

But, you should not start bombarding every information via push notification. You should show only important information through push notification, else they will uninstall your app.

5. Mobile FAQ Section:

Just like a website, you should develop FAQ section in mobile app as well. A lot of people ignore this thing, but it’s always a good practice to create FAQ section.

Pick up any top apps – WhatsApp, Amazon, Google, etc. You will always find FAQ section.


It will help people to quickly solve their doubts. If you don’t have FAQ section, then they have to email you to solve their queries and it consumes a lot of time.


So, above were the top 5 tips to reduce mobile app uninstall rate. Acquiring new users is surely difficult and that’s why you should follow above tips to retain existing app users.

Do you know any other tip that helped you to reduce your mobile app uninstall rate? Do let me know in the comments below…

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