BY Gautam Sharma / Jan,4 2018

iOS 11 vs. Android 8.0 – Which is better?

iOS 11 vs. Android 8.0

New year is here and one more version of iOS and Android has arrived. Google announced the official rollout of the Android Oreo OS during Google I/O 2017.

Then within a month, Apple unveiled its latest iOS at WWDC 2017. Both the OS offers a raft of small changes and nothing radically extraordinary to woo the users. In such times, when mobile app development is getting a lot more exciting, how do the operating systems differ and which one overpowers the other?

Well, it is Android Oreo.

Here’s why!

Android Oreo is giving everything AR to its users ranging from its Google Assistant to a feature that can copy a Wi-Fi password when you point your camera at it. Android app development is getting more and more extensive and interesting with these AR features. Well, Apple isn’t dead yet. It can match up with Android if it makes AR mainstream.

In this iOS and Android comparison, let’s have a look at the drawbacks and benefits of both the OS for app developers.

Android Oreo 8.0:

– The picture-in-picture feature – shrinking a video into a floating thumbnail in order to be able to keep an eye on it while doing other things.

– Auto-selecting a name, phone number, address or business to copy/paste.

– Brush up on everything new in Android Oreo.

Apple iOS 11:

– Paying your friends in iMessage using Apple Pay.

– Playing audio on multiple speakers in your house.

– Here’s everything new on iOS 11.

The most-showy features:

These are the flashiest features that both the OS offer. The new things Android Oreo offers, such as the picture-in-picture feature and auto-copying feature, which can go a long way making the phone much easier to use.

Moreover, Android already offers the feature to play music on multiple speakers. Even though the new paying feature is a great addition to the Apple’s messaging app, Android wins over Google.

Voice Assistant:

Apple’s Siri has come up with a bunch of updates including the new male voice and guessing ‘what you want to know next’ features. While, Google has come up with a mode, called Google Lens, that can identify objects and the ability to type the queries and not just speak them.

In this case also, Android Oreo is a much more expansive, accurate, and knowledgeable platform than Siri.

AR and VR:

Be it the augmented reality or the virtual reality, Android is years ahead of Apple. It has Google Daydream for VR and Tango for AR, while Apple has come up with the largest augmented reality platform with the launch of its ARKit developer platform just last year.

So, when it comes to AR and VR, Android is to be preferred first for it capabilities which are much ahead of Apple.

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