Welcome to Mobile First World
Welcome to Mobile First World
March 9, 2017
How important the technology is for New Age Start-ups?
How Important the Technology is for New Age Start-ups?
March 20, 2017

Experience Unlimited Possibilities, when Ionic & Firebase combine!

Experience Unlimited Possibilities, when Ionic & Firebase combine!

At CeBIT 2017, the talk of the town is the next generation of mobile computing and new apps which are making our life more connected. Some of the biggest technology players like Google is making its move towards providing high-speed database services via “Firebase”.

Similarly, open source SDKs like Ionic makes it easier for the coders to create high-performance mobile apps with ease, on various platforms.

Experience Unlimited Possibilities, when Ionic & Firebase combine!To cater to the demand of high-end apps, SearchNative offers hybrid Apps development using the Ionic and Firebase together.

Compared to the Hybrid Apps, Native Apps render a better performance, but it creates one major restriction as for other devices the developer needs to rewrite the code to a large extent when they need to release the same app on multiple platforms.

Hybrid Apps allow the app developers to target more than one type of devices, with a single set of base codes. The Hybrid apps are created using combination of multiple technologies and they utilize the device’s Web View rather than Native Code. App Developers can use Native mobile application development frameworks like Apache Cordova for getting better access to the device and customizing the app as per Android OS or iOS.

One unique advantage of going for a hybrid app is that it can be developed using web development technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. These technologies have already been in use for many years and there is a credible set of developers for them. Thus one doesn’t need the separate developer for each mobile platform, which is cost-effective.

Ionic Framework

Launched in 2013, Ionic Software Development Kit is an open-source Mobile App Framework used for developing hybrid mobile apps. Ionic typically focuses on improved performance and better UI.

Ionic is most preferred framework which is evident as nearly 1.3 million apps were created using Ionic Framework in 2015. Here are some of the reasons why Ionic is well appreciated by developers.

  • The Ionic Framework is 100% free and the best open source mobile SDK for developing progressive web and native apps with utmost ease.
  • Ionic is a very useful cross-platform app development tool and it is updated constantly to complement other technologies like AngularJS.
  • Ionic allows web developers to use their skill for developing mobile apps with convenience.
  • Innovative plugins of Ionic Framework like Splash Screen Generator, Ionic View, Ionic Serve lab and Ionic CLI makes the processes to start, build and run easier.
  • Ionic developers are constantly growing in the number, this give a reliable online community support for queries with relevant examples, demos, guides and tips.
  • Features like Ionic Analytics and Ionic Push Notifications give the most basic and core functionalities to the apps.

Some of the well-known apps developed using Ionic Framework are Chefsteps, Baskin Robbins, Joule, MarketWatch, Diesel, Pacifica and Sworkit.

Firebase Storage

Launched in 2012, Firebase is a unified platform for mobile and web app development, which was acquired by Google in the year 2014. Firebase was initially intended for providing services to store and sync data across multiple platforms.

Firebase is unique because it provides cloud storage facilities for your mobile and web apps. Backed by Google Cloud Storage, Firebase is very useful to store images, audio, video, data or other user-generated content. It helps the developer to make better real time applications where data sync is essential. Developers have so far created over 1 million projects using Firebase.

Developers have so far created over 1 million projects using Firebase.

  • Firebase is one of the strongest and most robust backend service platforms.
  • Services like Firebase Analytics, Real-time Database, Firebase Storage, GeoFire, Firebase Test Lab for Android are useful in database management and development of the app.
  • It is also very useful as a cross platform app development tool
  • Firebase is closely attached to the Google Cloud Platform which prompts even big enterprises to use Firebase for their complex apps.
  • Cloud Functions for Firebase are helpful for the app developers as they allows the client to access resources and update from anywhere in the Cloud + Firebase system.

Some of the well-known apps developed using Firebase Platform are PicCollage, Fabulous, Skyscanner, Shazam and many organization use their services like ASUS, Viber and DailyMail.

Ionic Framework + Firebase Storage = Amazing Apps

Ionic Framework + Firebase Storage = Amazing Apps

Combining Ionic and Firebase is absolutely essential for huge database driven apps. The front end of such hybrid app could be designed using CSS or Javascript, which is a simplified process compared to Native Codes.

Combining Ionic and FirebaseImage credit

The User Interface would thus be a very much regular experience that one can’t distinguish. The functionalities of the app would be however more effective with Ionic Framework and additional plugins. A three way coordination between Javascript, Firebase and Angularfire would create the best user experience on the app.

Firebase would manage the app’s back-end with user & API authentication & Data storage, and manage cloud & other API required for static hosting. As shown in the chart below.

  • Development is done with open source scripts, this ensures cost effectiveness.
  • Just need to code one time, one programming language for all mobile OS.
  • Can run seamlessly on all types of mobile devices.
  • Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript are used for development which helps in developing server-side of the App.
  • Both Ionic and Firebase offers ample no. of Plugins and functionalities which the developer can mix and match as per the requirements.
  • Less time-consuming processes for App Development, again cost effective.
  • Ionic adapts design as per the platform guidelines so the app would have different look and experience depending on the platform they are using.
  • It would reduce the time and resources required to develop the app and back end support.
  • Developing app with hybrid Ionic framework is easier than native codes because API and new feature by native platforms are sometimes unnecessary.
  • The cross platform development can effectively leverage Javascript for the development and also utilize CSS for designing while employing Firebase and Angularfire for Data Storage and Access in the back end.

If the application is supposed to handle a lot of data, like E-Commerce apps or Business Directory app, managing data storage and data flow becomes crucial for the functioning of the app. Combining two technologies can be a way through such scenario. It is essential that the storage and access is carried out without hindrance at the back end while front end remains unaffected because it is run on different technology.

Ionic Framework and Firebase Storage is the latest combination that has caught the attention of developer community worldwide. And it works, definitely!

How do we know it? Because we take technology very seriously. It is the Digital Age we are living in, where technology is evolving constantly. We chase the technology, follow the updates and do thorough research, for sheer pleasure of excellence.

If you think Ionic + Firebase is something very cool, we’d love to hear more about it. Come visit us at CeBIT 2017 @ Hannover, Germany. Our expert team would consult with you regarding the most profitable and cost effective way of developing Mobile Apps.

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