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December 29, 2017
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Chatbot: Giving A New Dimension to E-commerce

Chatbot for Ecommerce

Chatbot for Ecommerce

Chatbot Trends in 2018

In a century, where technological advancements have reached a new zenith, e-commerce chatbots are the next big thing! And with time, the only thing promised to be constant in the e-commerce business is CHANGE. E-commerce Chatbot Development is one such phenomenon that is soon going to take over the e-commerce arena. After Siri and other similar chatbots, the bar is set high for the artificial intelligence arena as users have started expecting a much-advanced version of chatbot technology. And definitely, an e-commerce bot will bring ease to online shopping as well. And thus, the chatbot trends 2018 have all the hue and cry for an e-commerce chatbot.

Chatbot Technology for Ecommerce

Chatbot commerce is introduced in the e-commerce arsenal with a view of changing the face of e-commerce industry by efficient information exchange, faster delivery and an interactive environment between the customer and the administration. However, it should be kept in mind that just getting the e-commerce chatbot technology would not help. It must actively contribute to the interaction process with customers and yield sales and transaction for the company. Shopping assistant bots are developed to assist the customer with whatever they are looking for and provide them with the best that the company can offer. Chatbot technology makes online shopping hassle-free for the customer as they no more need to scroll through the never-ending pages of the shopping portal. Finding that particular item you have been searching for is no big deal with e-commerce chatbots. From a tiny safety pin to a giant wardrobe – everything is available at your fingertips or rather say a text away.

Chatbot as Shopping Assistance Bots

Customers these days are very well versed with chatbots like Siri. Similarly, you just need to interact freely with the e-commerce bot irrespective of the place you are at. Online shopping is now possible on the go with shopping assistance bots.

Below is an example of a case where one of the popular e-commerce brands is using Chatbot AI to provide assistance to their audience for buying Backpack bag and driving more sales.

Ebay Shopbot

Image credit.

Now companies are collaborating and working hand in hand to amalgamate digital and physical experience into one platter. The opportunity to boost efficiency and reduce costs in one stroke is recognized and taken care of well. However, chatbots are not something whose one version can be compatible with enterprises of all sorts. For different purposes, you have to have a particularly designed and developed chatbot. And in order to accomplish that, you need to closely study your clients’ needs and ensure an appropriate response. Thus, a proper coordination of design, development and human supervision can actually direct your e-commerce enterprise towards a positive aspect of growth and establishment.

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