Outsourcing for Digital Development of the Nation
Outsourcing for Digital Development of the Nation
September 19, 2017
Google Pixel 2 – All the Latest Rumors!
Google Pixel 2 – All the Latest Rumors!
October 4, 2017

Reality gets murkier with the latest ARKit for iOS 11 in iPhone X

AR App Development

AR App Development

What’s new iPhone X!

Powered by hexa-core Apple A11 Bionic Processor, Apple iPhone X managed to catch an attention of the entire world. iPhone X boasts of amazing features like true depth camera, proximity sensors, gyroscope, barometer, core ML and the amazing augmented reality kit. Obviously, since 2007 iPhones have been indirectly changing the way we live and do business. Not to mention, the devices gives better security features in today’s times.

The beast with 5.8” super retina display, true tone flash for the rear camera, and stereo speakers is designed to impress the gut in your stomach but the surprise an iPhone can give to you is not one of them. iPhones have been seen as the gadget which changes the way we live. For example, because of the amazing quality of videos produced, there are feature-length films today which is entirely shot on iPhone. Or a painter can check the color combinations before actually painting on canvas. We have music which was composed and recorded on an iPhone; even it has made the car as a second office.

ARKit – think beyond what’s seen!

Rather than the traditional functionality of the device, one should imagine the immense scope of utility through combination with so many iOS applications. One of the masterpieces in iPhone X is the ARKit provided by Apple, which was earlier available as a third-party application. But now ARKit is ready to create a new category in the App Store. Just like Pokémon GO, the ARKit is capable of starting new trends and transforming the way we live and do business.


AR can merge the reality with fictional graphics instantly, with utmost precision of distance and directions. This can help in creative designing and be giving a hitherto most realistic flavor to any graphic communication, be it advertising or apps or websites.

For example, if you have an interior design product, you can allow the customers to check if it would if well in the home, through apps like Overstock. Also, you can visualize your home with your customized interior design.


There are huge no. of iOS apps available which can integrate the real-time background with motion graphics. Be it selfie with friends or beautiful landscapes, you can add a pinch of the story and make them come alive with AR.


Today’s generation can play and learn everything with so much fun, using the interactive AR apps. Also, even for others, there are apps which can engage your imagination and let you play interesting games such as Pokémon Go, Kings of Pool, etc.

Apps like Dance Reality, Human Anatomy Atlas, Sky Guide, etc. gives a chance to learn so many new arts/ crafts/ science while boosting the curiosity and passion in the pupils. Also, given the futuristic rise of AR, the iOS developers can bank on this opportunity by creating new fun games.


Rather than taking out a measuring tape and crawling around, you can measure dimensions of any object using apps like Cubit or MeasureKit or TapMeasure. While changing the furniture or purchasing any new appliances, you can measure its exact size through iPhone.

For example, an architect can create a design for a particular land and check its feasibility through apps like PLNAR. Or you can check if a car would fit in your parking spot with apps like Edmunds.


With apps specially designed for the sports utility, a runner can visualize his route map on any flat surface using Fitness AR. You can even track your workouts and analyze your fitness statistics.

A dirt bike rider can gauge the terrain of a particular place and select the appropriate way to ride. Also, a sportsman can visualize his strategies on an empty ground using AR apps.

Boost your Business with AR Apps

AR App Development is the latest trend in the Mobile Apps Development and IT industry and if you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, you should actively think about ‘How AR technology can boost my business prospects?’ Augmented Reality iOS app development is the key to the future. Everything is going to be mobile soon, it is imperative for any business to include iPhone app development in their future roadmap.

iOS 11 App developers are really witnessing the surge in demand because of the new iPhone X and the amazing ARKit. iOS app developer in India is capable to give your business or brand, a niche attitude and boost the opportunities through an amazing app. SearchNative is one of the leading Android and iOS app development company in India, providing robust iOS application development services to a huge range of clients. SearchNative’s biggest asset is the team of experienced AR iOS app developer, who can create outstanding apps, suitable for your business and requirements.

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