BY Gautam Sharma / Dec,1 2017

Apple thrilling with automobiles!

Every time Apple launches a new product; it takes up the entire digital world by storm. After attaining gigantic success in the arena of desktop and handheld devices, Apple is entering the automobile world with iCar. This is an exciting news for Apple lovers and techies, and also especially for every Mobile Application Development Company across the world.

The mastermind behind this new concept idea of iCar is the CEO of the company. Apple is hiring engineers from Tesla and also battery technology experts from Samsung to develop iCar. The car is versioned to be developed as a self-driving electric vehicle. It will most probably release in 2020.

iCar will boast of some extraordinary technologies and features like LIDAR, a laser technology that will be used in the car for mapping purposes. This laser technology provides the driver with a complete 360-degree view. Also, iCar is expected to be equipped with the iOs system.

This shall allow you to unlock, control and even start the engine with other Apple devices like iPhone, iWatch or iPad.

It is also been speculated that the car will come with advanced camera technology that will provide control over the functions of the car by understanding hand gestures. It also contains attributes that make iPhone usage safer while traveling and enables you to control the car using voice commands.

You can do that by integrating Apple’s existing Car play feature in your phone with the software in the car. Tasks that one will be able to perform with voice commands are viewing contacts, dictating the response to messages, making calls, operating maps and viewing estimated time it will take to reach the destination and several more.

Another fascinating action that can be controlled with the voice command is radio and temperature settings.

iPhone app development companies from all over the world are thrilled about the boundless opportunities this new venture would present. Also, iPad app development companies are all set to develop apps compatible with iCar and take proper advantage of this Tech revolution.

All this hype regarding iCar turns it into another successful venture of apple or proves to be only an example of ‘diversification’ remains to be seen.

There are some murmurs of a few test drives taken in the iCar in San Francisco. The aim of the test drive was mainly to capture the mapping for an iOS system for which the car was provided with cameras and other advanced tools.

It is also said that the company has set up a lab near its head office to assist the engineers who are working on the completion of this project with great enthusiasm.

The major question still prevailing in people’s mind is whether the iCar is a rumor or a truth?

Well, this doubt will only be cleared once the iCar is launched. As it is said, anything and everything is possible in the technical world, saying that an iCar can’t be developed will be considered unwise. So, waiting a few years would be the wisest choice for the techies out there.

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