Extend your app life with app support and maintenance solutions

At SearchNative, we believe that a mobile app must function smoothly and thus, must be useful to the user. However, an app user encounters multiple issues such as difficulty in upgrading an app or fetching business support for the same app. Sometimes, technical issues are impossible to solve without seeking the help of some expert. This gives unnecessary stress to an app user and becomes a reason of great inconvenience.

With a team of experts, SearchNative offers amazing mobile app maintenance and support solutions to a wide client base. We offer regulatory updates, business support and security reviews that are necessary to keep your app a highly likeable one for you. Our robust infrastructure and team of experts make sure that your app life is more. We remain with you not only when your app is launched, but even for years so that you never have to abandon your favorite app just because there are some issues. With our vast experience in extending mobile app support, we can vouch that our app support and maintenance solutions are one of the best in the entire industry.

Hire us for App Support and Maintenance Solutions

SarchNative is actively engaged in designing and developing a variety of mobile apps for a global clientele and our ongoing mobile development support services have always helped our clients immensely over the years. Let us have a glimpse of our support and maintenance services.

  • Addition of new features or timely upgrades

We have a team of experts who add desirable features in your existing app to make it even more exciting for you! We even upgrade your app to the next app version.

  • Porting of applications

We have proven porting capabilities to make your app more reachable to others like porting an iOS application to Android.

  • Support for new mobile devices

The world of mobile is changing at a fast pace and then an arrival of a device with new specifications. We ensure your app can run perfectly to your new device.

Apart from the above, we also offer app store maintenance. If you are right now facing any issue with your app, no matter on which platform it runs, please do not feel hesitate to get in touch with us.

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